The Great Eastern Trail (GET) is a new, long-distance hiking trail stretching from Alabama to New York, linking existing hiking trails and providing a 2,000 mile unique, primitive hiking experience
. In Tennessee the Cumberland Trail, a 300 mile trail that is about 60% finished, ends at the Kentucky state line, where it connects with the Pine Mountain Trail.  In Kentucky the Pine Mountain Trail, when completed, will extend from the Cumberland Gap National Park to the Breaks Interstate Park in Elkhorn City. From Elkhorn City, the (in planning) Pike Energy Trail crosses 40 miles of Pike County where it connects with West Virginia at Matewan. The GET relies on individual volunteers and volunteer trail clubs to link and maintain the trail and build new trails in those areas where there are gaps.

While primarily a hiking trail, some sections will accommodate equestrian and mountain biking, though the entire trail is non-motorized throughout.  When finished, overnight facilities will provide shelter, privy, and water about every 10 to 12 miles.

For more information, visit the GET website, or the individual member trails websites.
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