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2016 - A great Year for Progress on the Pine Mountain Trail
Without question, 2016 continued the remarkable progress on the task of constructing the Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail. 
  • Construction - Miles of new metal blazes were installed. Several sections of trail bed were constructed. Numerous point-of-interest signs were erected. PMT and GET diamond signage installed over much of the trail. Miles of trail was brushed, maintained or improved.
  • Volunteers -  Numerous volunteer hours, including American Hiking Society (AHS), volunteers from the Sierra Club, Friends of the Trail, along with the many hours from locals, board members and members of the Pine Mountain Trail Conference.
  • Donations - Our best year ever for cash donations, in-kind contributions, fund-raising funds, and paid membership in the PMTC that in aggregate permitted our progress.  
All in all, a banner year for progress in building-out the infrastructure of the Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail. And only possible through the support of trail enthusiasts like yourself. We, the PMTC board, appreciate what you have made possible and encourage you to continue the support vital to our task.

The Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail continues its journey across the top of Pine Mountain through the hard work of volunteers from around the state and country. If you can contribute your time and labor, your assistance would be welcomed and appreciated. Volunteers need no particular skill set, only the willingness to work with others on whatever project is ongoing at the time you are available. Much of the work is done on weekends most often during the warmer parts of the year. The AHS, the Sierrra Club and various educational institutions regularly schedule working vacations, school breaks, and weekends camps during the year. Join us if you can.

Financial Support
The quest to complete the trail cannot succeed without the financial support of its members and others in the community. Please donate and help to secure the future of this Scenic Trail. You can support the trail by becoming a member of the Pine Mountain Trail Conference.

To Join PMTC
Membership options range from volunteers to lifetime memberships.  Download the membership form and send to Pine Mountain Trail Conference, PO Box 1156, Wise, VA  24293.  Membership includes a Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail embroidered patch, a vinyl logo decal, a membership card and the PMT Picture of the Year Postcard.
Or, you can join and submit your membership fees online here

     Volunteer Class       $0 *
     Student Class         $20
     Individual Class      $25
     Family Class           $40
     Lifetime Class         $1,000 or 3 annual payments of $335

                                  *Requires at least 1 day of volunteer work

To Make a Donation to the PMTC
Make a tax-deductible charitable contribution by sending a check to Pine Mountain Trail Conference, P.O. Box 1156, Wise, VA  24293, or donate on-line by clicking the PayPal Donate button. And, of course we would be most honored to be the beneficiary of a more substantial donation, trust or bequest, transfer or gift. Assuredly your assistance to our task will be honored and recognized. Visit us on Facebook

To make a donation to the Great Eastern Trail (GET) 
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