The Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail is a linear hiking trail that can leave you many miles from your vehicle, unless ... you plan ahead. Pine Mountain Shuttle, LLC, a KY-based non-profit is providing shuttle services for hikers and will assist you in positioning your vehicle to the end-point of your hike.  By providing a shuttle at the beginning of your hike, the walk back to your vehicle is not bound to a rigid schedule and offers the most flexibility that you may enjoy your hike on Pine Mountain at your pace. 

Pine Mountain Shuttle, LLC is offering 3 shuttles
   1.)  Jenkins -Whitesburg....a SHORT shuttle
   2.)  Jenkins - Elkhorn...a MEDIUM shuttle
   3.)  Elkhorn - Whitesburg...a LONG shuttle
Depending upon your direction of travel, the shuttles can run in either direction.
The Elkhorn trailhead is the northern end of the Pine Mountain Trail, near Elkhorn City, on Carson Island Rd., 
37.296499, -82.339670
The Jenkins trailhead is on US 23, Pound Gap on the KY-VA border near Jenkins, KY, 
37.153599, -82.632233
The Whitesburg trailhead is on US 119 at the Little Shepherd Trail
37.076078, -82.811259

A portion of the shuttle fee is contributed to the Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail where it is used for trail maintenance and infrastructure improvements. Shuttle drivers are volunteers who contribute their time and their vehicles in support of the Pine Mountain Trail. Our shuttle drivers are insured and use well-maintained vehicles. Try to schedule at least 48 hours in advance that we may select a driver with a vehicle suitable for your needs. The completion of your purchase will redirect you here that we may get the additional info we need.

If you live in the local area of the Pine Mountain Trail and wish to support the Trail, you can volunteer your time and vehicle to shuttle hikers. Click here to fill an application and Pine Mountain Shuttle will contact you.