Trail Information

Current Trail Status
The Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail is open with contiguous trail from the Breaks Interstate Park to US 119. It is designated in two sections for a total of 42 miles. When traveling from North to South...
  • Birch Knob - This section begins at the Russell Fork trailhead in the Breaks Park and follows the Pine Mountain ridgeline 13 miles to Birch Knob, the highest point on this section of trail.  Water and camping are available here with an overnight camp shelter completed in December of 2012.  And continuing southwest for 13 miles is the trailhead at US 23 at Pound Gap.   
 Birch Knob Section Map/Info
  • Highland - This section begins at US 23 and trails 7 miles to the Adena Springs Shelter and then continues 8 more miles to the Flamingo Shelter.  The Highland section is 15 miles in length.   
Highland Section Map/Info
  • Little Shepherd Trail - South, beyond US 119, the trail is not yet constructed, however, if hikers wish, they can hike on the Little Shepherd Trail (LST), a one lane, lightly traveled, near ridgeline, blacktop road for 14 miles to the Black Bear Shelter at Kingdom Come State Park.  The LST continues another 24 miles, without designated shelters or camping areas, to US 421. Little Shepherd Trail construction will begin in the spring of 2017.
Trail Rules and Tips
  • Foot traffic only between US 23 and US 119
  • Camping at designated sites only ( there are a number of shelters along the trail - check for details on camping.)
  • NO overnight camping permitted in State Nature Preserves.
  • NO overnight parking at State Nature Preserves.
  • Trails have Sign-In and Sign-Out stations that help us know who is and has been on the mountain, in the event of an emergency, and it helps with raising funds.
  • Please practice Leave-No-Trace while hiking the trail.
  • Be Safe by being Bear-Aware
We are in the process of replacing our green painted blazes with fluorescent green reflective metal blazes. You can expect to see either or both on the trail while we are in this transition process. The trail is blazed with rectangular blazes that are 2.5" x 6".  Side trails to water or points of interest are marked in blue. Equine usage of the trail(limited areas) may have yellow blazes. You may also see red, white, or blue markers on trees used as property boundaries, do not confuse these with trail blazes. GET and PMT metal logo markers are also on the trail.