Trail Photo of the Year

Photography Contest

Yes, we need a picture, a great picture. A picture taken somewhere on the Pine Mountain Trail. We, the Pine Mountain Trail Conference(PMTC) need a photo to feature on the front of a postcard we send to prospective applicants for membership in the PMTC. Every year we use a different image of the trail in our correspondence and this year we thought you might have already taken that picture and hadn’t shared it with us.

The image needs to be an absolutely stunning photo of the natural beauty of the Pine Mountain Trail. It could be of a waterfall, a rock formation, sunsets/sunrises, flowers or plants, fauna. Whatever you got that looks great, we want to see it. We prefer it to be without any persons in the image, just nature at its best, the uniqueness of the Pine Mountain Trail

Submit your photo, with a short description of the image and the location you took the picture. If you have the GPS and elevation data, that would be helpful. Your submission entitles us to use the image to promote the Pine Mountain Trail. We will see that you get recognition as the photographer. And, you get a one year free membership in the Pine Mountain Trail Conference, along with an embroidered trail patch, stickers and other good stuff.

Only submit a couple of your best images. We'll post the winner and maybe do a gallery of the best images.