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Only a few things have greater potential to impair one's enjoyment of hiking a new trail, than problems with trail navigation. Any time spent on wayfinding is time not spent enjoying the hike. And the potential for a navigation blunder leading to backtracking or the calamity of being lost requires a diligence that far too often degrades the thrill and enjoyment of new trail hiking. Short of blazing every other tree, a crime against nature, what tools do we have to mitigate this problem. The technology imbeded in your cellular phone is the answer. GPS equipped phones with internet retrieval of interactive maps can and will change how we wayfind our hiking trails. And for those who want less, not more guidance, a less physically-marked trail is there for your enjoyment as well.
The Pine Mountain Sate Scenic Trail is trailblazing this new wayfinding capability with accurate, up-to-date digital, interactive maps delivered to you anywhere on Pine Mountain to your phone instantly, giving you  the confidence of knowing where you are, and your relationship to the trail and the terrain around you. Your safety is enhanced as well as your enjoyment of hiking our trail, especially, if it's your first time on Pine Mountain. 
So plan a hike on our trail, and bring your phone. While on the trail, visit our website, download the mobile map for whatever section of the trail you are hiking and .......relax, enjoy your hike.