Pine Mountain is an ecological treasure in southeastern Kentucky that offers outstanding hiking opportunities. The Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail is currently under construction and will, when completed, connect the Breaks Interstate Park with the Cumberland Gap National Historical Park. Currently 42 miles of pristine hiking trails are open. We invite you to head out for a hike and we hope you will get involved with this trail project. 

The Pine Mountain Trail is a key connecting link in the Great Eastern Trail (GET).  America's newest long distance hiking trail stretching from Alabama to New York through 9 states and with 1,800 miles of footpaths. Find out more about the GET.

The Pine Mountain State Scenic Trail is a Pine Mountain Wildlife Corridor project partner. This is the largest landscape level project ever undertaken in Kentucky. The goal is to ensure a forested corridor that connects existing protected areas and maintains the ecological and migratory corridor which is important for bears. flying squirrels, raptors, songbirds and numerous other plants and animals. Learn more about the project by visiting the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust.